Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Once upon a Time

It was Holi yesterday and it was worse than the Holi we had in Cardiff. In fact the one is Cardiff was very good; we at least played with water and we knew it was Holi. Yesterday only thing that made me realize it was holi was people with painted faces having fun on the road while I was trying to grab a quick cup of coffee (alone) at Coffee Day before going home. Few cousins and friends wished and rest skipped that too. While going back home I was cursing myself about how things have changed in my life. I think it’s more to do with growing up and getting busy. I got some random thoughts about the life I led not so long ago (may be until 5 years back).
You can call it Nostalgia, rants, cribs blah blah blah but since it is very difficult to find friends ready to listen to your rants these days I just wanted some place to put my thoughts. Happy reading!

Once upon a time
, holi meant colours whole day; in the water tank, on the faces, on the bed, stairs, walls, everywhere in the house. Drinking Thandai (without bhang of course) in the afternoon and sleeping the whole after noon. It used to take at least 3-4 days to get the colours off. My brother and I used to make sure we had lots of colours on us to show off at the school next day :-). As we grew up the focus shifted to eco friendly colours, gulaal and water. It was still fun but.
Now Holi is a regular working day. No colours and not even water. I just look at others and get happy. It’s just calling up home and wishing everyone and missing the good old days. Not a single useless soul like me to repeat the fun I used to have at holi. This goes for all the other festivals like Sankranti which is now just another holiday. No sight of kites. I don’t think I even remember how to fly a kite now.

Once upon a time
, Diwali meant fireworks till early morning, new clothes (not less than 4-5), sweets (including making them with Grand mom), decorating the home with flowers, lighting diyas (not less than 100).

Now, thankfully this is the only festival which still holds some importance (since I started celebrating it in Bangalore). I don’t make sweets but buy them, I do get new clothes but just 1 (spending dad's money was so effortless), I decorate the house but since it’s a 2BHK everything is proportional to the size of my house (including diyas and flowers):-) This year I got to burst some crackers too. And as always I wish Happy Diwali to a list of some 100 people.

Once upon a time
, summer holidays meant two months of fun with all the cousins. Getting up late, eating aamras daily (without worrying about the calories), lazing around, watching movies, sleeping on the terrace, and 1-2 outings may be. Christmas break at Cardiff was heaven.

Now there are no summer holidays. Only thing that is same is the scorching heat. I do try to eat aamras once or twice.

Once upon a time
, Rain meant running to the terrace and getting drenched till my aunt came scolding and then eating hot snacks after that.

Now it means negotiating with the auto guy to take some extra money and drop me home ASAP and worrying all the way if I left any window open and if water got into my home.

Once upon a time
, Sunday meant getting up late, eating idlis/dosas, watching TV and sleeping.

Now Sunday means getting up late(thankfully still), washing clothes, buying grocery, cleaning up the house etc etc etc. (“sometimes”, I do give everything a miss and laze around ;-))

(This one’s my favorite) Once upon a time, going home meant spending lots of time with my family and friends.

Now going home means, meeting my in laws’ friend’s daughter’s cousins, my uncle’s 2nd cousin’s brother, our old neighbor’s pet’s birthday, any random dinners(these are suddenly planned at the news of my arrival in Hyd), engagements, weddings of people I don’t know or don’t even wish to know. And finally, if there is sometime left I do say hi to my family and in-laws. Friends get to know about my trip after I come back to Bangalore.
Even after 5 years I am still searching for the source which broadcasts the news of my arrival in Hyd. Ok. Enough of digression now. Getting back to my once upon a time list.

Once upon a time,
the biggest tension in life was exams or waiting for results or getting permission to go out with friends.

Now it’s meeting the deadlines, managing home, paying bills on time, having money in account for EMIs, investing for savings, managing work life balance.

Once upon a time
, communicating with friends meant casually meeting up for no reason and chatting for hours about nothing.

Now some friends call only when they have work or if it’s an occasion. Rest of them are busy sulking like me somewhere.

Once upon a time
, I could eat all the junk food in the world (samosas, pizzas, icecreams, pavbhaji) for all the three meals of the day without putting on weight.

Now I put on weight with the smell and sight of junk food. I say no to every tasty food and try to eat sprouts, oats, and even Apples :-(

Once upon a time
, I used to think, when I earn lots of money I will celebrate all the festivals even better, meet my cousins more often, will do something good for my family and friends.

I neither celebrate the festivals nor do I meet my cousins and family or friends so often. I have realized that it’s not the money, it’s the good time I spent with my friends and family that I need to get back to.
I need to start growing up without growing old.

Once upon a time
, I used to write on some relevant topics.

Now I rant about my good and bad times.

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